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Appraisal Solutions of Nevada is

a Real Estate Appraisal company

operated by Sean Garecht,

a Certified Residential Appraiser.

Located in Reno Nevada, ASN covers the greater Reno/Tahoe area including the counties of Washoe County, Lyon County, Douglas County, Carson City, Storey County, and limited parts of Pershing County and Churchill County. Primary cities include Reno, Sparks, Fernley, Dayton, Carson City and sorrounding areas.

Our Services include

  • 1 Unite Single Family Dwellings and Townhomes
  • 2-4 Unit Dwellings
  • Condominiums
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Land
  • Field & Desk Reviews
  • FHA Approved
  • REO/Pre-Forclosure
  • Estates/Divorce

What we offer 

Same day appointment scheduling

Our office understands the importance of getting your appraisals scheduled.  You are guaranteed an appraisal appointment will be scheduled the same day you call to make one.

Quick turn around

Your appraisal report is completed within 48 hours of the appraisal appointment time. We understand the need to have your appraisal done in a timely manner. Therefore, we guarantee that your appraisal report will be in your hands within 48 hours of the appraisal appointment 

With many years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process. 

Online appraisal ordering

This allows you to avoid the hassles of possible phone tag.  Simply type in your appraisal order, we will let you know we have received it, and you don’t have to think about it any further. 

Online status reports

Want to know where we are with your appraisal report?  You check on it online with our state of the art software.  You will know where we are every step of the way. 

Electronic ordering and delivery

To make your appraisal process easier on you, we also offer electronic delivery.  Your appraisal is delivered to your email box for your review, instead of waiting for a hard copy. 

Certified Residential Appraiser

Appraisals done by a Certified Residential Appraiser. You can have peace of mind knowing that your appraiser has been through the appropriate training and education to give you an accurate, comprehensive and thorough appraisal.  You can also rest assured that the owner of Appraisal Solutions of Nevada is a Nevada native who is familiar with the area. 

What Is In Our Reports?

  • Complete URAR Format for full appraisal requests.
  • Interior Photographs when available.
  • Comparable Photographs
  • Location Map
  • Detailed sketch drawings with exterior walls and details.
  • Multiple Listing Service information where available.
  • “As Is” and “Subject To” as requested.  

We look forward to working with you!




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